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Human Capital *
Human Capital
Human capital refers to each family member’s physical and mental well-being and ability to pursue his or her own happiness and fulfillment.
My family supports the individual development of each member.
My family members enjoy physical and mental health.
My family members have their basic requirements met (food, shelter, clothing).
My family members each have a strong sense of personal identity.
My family members enjoy meaningful work.
My family members have meaningful relationships with others.
My family members feel at home in places around the world.
Intellectual Capital *
Intellectual Capital
Intellectual capital refers to family members’ intellectual development and their understanding of their personal and family wealth.
My family values life-long learning.
My family members share their experiences and knowledge with each other.
My family members know and respect our individual and shared values.
My family members know and respect our individual and shared dreams.
My family members understand their personal finances.
My family members understand our family's financial wealth, its structures, and the roles & responsibilities within those structures.
My family members are able to manage and evaluate outside advisors.
Social Capital *
Social Capital
Social capital refers to family members’ relationships with each other, with others important to them, and with their communities.
My family members affirm each other and enjoy spending time together.
My family members communicate with each other about important topics.
My family members are able to have difficult conversations.
My family members are able to collaborate to make shared decisions.
My family enjoys strong relationships between trustees and beneficiaries.
My family is welcoming to spouses and rising gen members.
My family has capable, engaged family leadership with a leadership succession plan.
My family is strongly connected to its community or communities through business, philanthropy, or other ways.
Spiritual Capital
Spiritual Capital
Spiritual capital refers to the family’s ability to share and sustain an intention that transcends each member’s individual interests. Sometimes it is described as a shared dream.
My family shares a religious or spiritual tradition or beliefs.
My family members demonstrate humility in word and deed.
My family members regularly express gratitude to others.
My family has clarified their shared values and applied those values to business, philanthropy, and giving.
My family members practice “seventh-generation thinking.”
My family members share stories about the past and present.
My family members find strength in a shared sense of identity as a family.