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"... a thoughtful book about 'giving well,' providing a practical yet philosophical road-map to ensure that intra-family giving will have the most positive effects not just on the recipients but also on the person making the gift." Trusts & Estates

"This book speaks directly to individuals struggling to find their own voice in the family enterprise ... The bite-size chapters are easy to absorb, and there are three workshop strategies at the end to help you get started with the critical conversations." Sara Hamilton, CEO, Family Office Exchange

"Trusts will survive into the 21st century only so long as they are administered by persons of principle. As a practical matter, what does that mean? Family Trusts does an admirable job of answering that question, and in prose that will be readily understandable not only to the trust professional but also to the family member new to the 'trustscape.'"  Prof. Charles Rounds, Suffolk University School of Law

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Credit: Boston Estate Planning Council

Credit: Boston Estate Planning Council

Credit: Boston Estate Planning Council

Why we speak about "rising" rather than "next," and the four challenges that the rising generation face, especially amid wealth.

Why do so many of the "gifts" we make fail to achieve what we hoped for? The distinction of "gifts with spirit" versus "transfers" has helped people around the world rethink their gifts and find joy in giving.

Jay's insistence on understanding and avoiding the proverb "shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations" has been at the foundation of the field of family wealth for over three decades.

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