Family Governance White Paper

Wise Counsel Research's Dennis Jaffe has published a new installment in the 100-Year Families Study. Governing the Family Enterprise: the Evolution of Family Councils, Assemblies, and Constitutions offers specific strategies and stories from the over 80 families who have contributed to the project. These are rare families who have successfully transitioned a major family enterprise through at least two generations. This white paper includes samples of actual family's governance structures, along with descriptions of how they deliberated about, enacted, and in many cases have amended these structures in order to promote their families' flourishing. It is a tremendous resource for enterprising families and their advisors.

The Family Champion

Joshua Nacht

Joshua Nacht, a member of the 100 Year Families research team, recently completed an innovative dissertation on the subject of the "family champion." This often-overlooked figure emerges from within the family to advance efforts towards growth while addressing family concerns, such as about entitlement or dependency. Joshua's work recognizes new possibilities for helping families develop their own resources while at the same time highlighting the insights and ideas coming from the 100 Year Family Project. For a synopsis of Joshua's research, click here.

Family Business Continuity

Interested in continuity in family business? Not sure how to start that conversation with clients? The Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors has issued a thoughtful new guide on exactly these points. In just a few pages it offers "quick tips" as well as more in depth advice from some of the leading consultants in the field. Wise Counsel's Dennis Jaffe and Keith Whitaker are honored to be included. 

JP Morgan Asian Family Enterprise Study

Dennis Jaffe

JP Morgan, in collaboration with Wise Counsel's Dennis Jaffe, has just published a fascinating study of Asian family enterprises. Some of the headlines from this analysis of 140 large, multi-generational families include the families' top concerns (#1: fairness to the rising generation), their top leadership values, overall preparedness (or rather unpreparedness) with regard to transition and family employment policies, and practices concerning board composition, talent development, and exit strategies. All students of family governance will find in this study an invaluable glimpses into succession principles and practices. It also includes a great section on the practicalities of family meetings by Christian Stewart of Family Legacy Asia.