The Family Balance Sheet (TM) is a tool to guide your family in discussions about what matters and how to use the wealth and other resources that you have achieved. It measures your responses with regard to the Five Qualitative Capitals (Human, Financial-Education, Relationship, Social, and Legacy).

In the form that follows this page, please indicate your response to each statement. There are no right answers. The statements invite your informed judgment or perception of your behavior or that of your extended family. Your individual responses or comments will be kept strictly confidential.

Under each of the Five Qualitative Capitals, there are two types of statements:

  • Personal statements invite you to reflect on yourself and your own relationship to the family and its resources.

  • Family questions ask about your extended family.

VERY IMPORTANT: When the statements refer to “family,” think about not just your personal household, but also the extended family that shares ownership of significant businesses and assets.

The Family Balance Sheet also includes space where you can write in your observations or other thoughts. Please do so—your honest comments are extremely helpful.

We recognize that your responses will require you to make judgments from the behavior and intentions of many family members and generations. Do your best. Again, there are no right and wrong answers. What we want to do is compare the judgments of many family members in each area. Your individual responses will be kept strictly confidential.

Once we have collected responses from all your adult family members, you will receive feedback that summarizes your individual responses. You will also receive a summary of all members’ responses. Again, no one else will see your individual responses.

The goal of this exercise is to offer you a glimpse into the shared reality of your extended family. The intention is not to judge your performance in any area, but rather to lead to a productive family discussion of your goals and how to get there. The Family Balance Sheet will lead to discussions of how your family can develop all of its Five Qualitative Capitals.